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Personal Banking

Money Market/Savings





Tiered Interest Rate Account Traditional Savings

Minimum Daily Balance

$2,500 $300

Service Charge

$10/month if minimum daily balance required is not met $4/month if minimum daily balance is not maintained


Yes with $2,500 daily balance Yes

Additional Benefits

Write up to 6 third party checks
per month
Online Banking

ATM card*
Can be linked to
checking for overdraft protection

Online Banking
*Fees may apply for transactions at ATMs other than Heartland National Bank


An excessive withdrawal fee of $2 for savings accounts, and $3 for money market accounts, is assessed per transaction, if more than six pre-authorized, telephone funds transfers or third party transactions are paid during the month.  Use of overdraft protection will result in a transfer fee.

Savings accounts do not have check writing access.

Transaction Limitations: Federal banking regulations limit you to six pre-authorized, telephone or on-line transfers to your other Heartland National Bank Accounts or to third parties.  The limitation applies per month.  If you routinely exceed these limitations, the Bank may close the account or covert it to a checking account.  Transaction limitations apply regardless of balance.


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